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【More than just convenience】Fuwa product knowledge on fingertips Release Time: 2017-03-17 48:09:17 Publisher: Marketing

       In a time that the WeChat hasbecome highly popular in our life, are you a WeChataholic ?  At the New Year time, use WeChat to send ared envelope; When shopping, we can pay through WeChat scan code; when we need information,we can achieve it through public account... Statistics shows by the end of2016, the active account numbers of Wechat per month has reached 846 million. WeChathas changed our lives, and it changed the way we work more. 

The users often needs to refer toproduct information when using and maintaining Fuwa products, but the attachedpaper instruction is not convenient for long time preserve. The operationwithout standard guidance will affect the product performance badly; evenreduce the work life, resulting in product failure, which causes safety risksto the vehicle. 

        The proper using and maintenance not onlymaximizes the product performance but also improves the safety and efficiencyof your vehicle.  In order to help to useour products more conveniently in a normative way, Fuwa WeChat public platform presentsbrand new extended functions on which you can find operation instruction andmaintenance video of various Fuwa products at the most conveniences, only by thefingertips gentle touch you can arrive the latest cuttingedge technologies of Fuwa. 

 How to link Fuwa Wechat account 

  Scan and identify QR code, or add and focus on Fuwa Wechat publicaccount: FUWA089 

Howto find Fuwa Product Operation Instruction

Click bottom right corner ServiceCenter → click Product Operation Instruction→ select the instruction you arefor 

  Then the page for production instruction will pop on; for enlargeddetails, choose to open the page in Internet Explorer at the top right cornerto read the amplified information on mobile phone. 

Howto review Maintenance Video 

 Besides the instruction manual , we provideyou series of maintenance demonstration video for help. Click bottom rightcorner Service Center → click Maintenance Video 

Howto access to Fuwa After-sales Service Outlets

        Whole-heartedly and sincerelyserve our customers. Fuwa Group allocates more than 300 after-sales serviceoutlets all over China, which provide swift service with simple process,emergency service is available within 24 hours. The Group opened 8 warehousecenters of products and spare parts across the country, which deliver the originalspare parts and wearing parts swiftly, improving the efficiency and work lifeof your vehicle completely. 

         Click bottom right cornerService Center → click After-sales Service Outlets .


Our goal is to provide safe andefficient product solutions, professional and thoughtful after-sales service tothe users of the modern logistics industry. This why we always put the needs ofthe users at the top priority. Our professional skill and high efficiency minimizeshutdown time of the vehicle, remarkable products and application solutions optimizethe performance of the vehicle. We will continue to create reliable way ofprofit growth for you. Your satisfactionis the target of our pursues.