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16.8 Tons engineering rear axle

PSC826 feature (16.8 Tons)
The converging oil seal greatly reduces the leak risk, also prolongs the service life of oil seal.
High strength hypoid gear with better torque transfer ability than spiral bevel gear.
Reinforced ductile cast iron housing, the axle rigidity superior to the stamping and welding housing at the same level.
Large range of speed ratio, with hub reduction, meet customer different requirements.
Carrier is installed with ring gear anti-thrust screw, which prevents the ring gear from getting deformed at high load.
A variety of rim mounting distance, which meets the requirements of customers for more flexibility.
Multiple sets of magnets attached to inside of housing, decreasing the lubricating oil pollution.
Optional differential lock improves the power output distribution of the vehicle in the bad road conditions.
The parking brake device at the carrier input end (option for customer).

The product is applicable to:Off-road crane, port unmanned carrier, etc.

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